He Reeeeeally Wants to Make a Sex Tape. She Reeeeeally Doesn’t.

(PLEASE NOTE: This webisode involves two adults and whether they both consent to making such a video. For people under the age of 18, the situation is completely different. It is illegal to produce, possess, or send images or videos of a sexual nature of people under the age of 18. DON’T DO IT!)

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Before we dive into this third installment in the F.A.D. 16 Days of Activism series, a heads up: I hoped to post daily during the 16 Days, but I’ve realized I can’t keep up the pace. I have more to say about the women’s rights issues in each It’s OK to Be Sensitive! episode than I thought! Even so, we ain’t stopping! Now, check out the next webisode:

Before moving on, be sure to watch the nine-minute webisode above, because after this, THERE BE SPOILERS. And remember to click the CC button to get English subtitles.

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