Two of My Favorite Feminist K-Dramas Come to Amazon Prime Video!

The two series that completely sucked me into the world of K-dramas! I never thought I’d be a fan of Asian dramas, ever, but with English subtitles, these broke through and grabbed my heart, especially with their feminist vibes and excellent storytelling. I’ve actually blogged about them in the past, too (links below):

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Critical race theory in schools? Puh-leeze.

I came across this recent tweet from Raymond Chang of the Asian American Christian Collaborative. He posted it on a visit to the Manzanar National Historical Site in the California desert.

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The Remarkable Ms. Marvel

WARNING: Massive spoilers for Ms. Marvel ahead!

I cannot praise the new Ms. Marvel TV series enough! As a fan of the comics and also of the animated version of Kamala in the gone-too-soon Marvel Rising, I looked forward to this edition with great interest. I became a bit skeptical when I heard that Marvel Studios was making changes to her origin story. But those doubts have faded, because there are so many aspects of the show that are truly delightful! Here’s a partial list:

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