Representation Matters a Lot in Indie Film “For Izzy”

Will Yu, the creator of activist movements #StarringJohnCho and #SeeAsAmStar, daily tweets, “Representation matters today.”

If that’s true – and I’m of the opinion that it is – then the award-winning indie film For Izzy matters as much as anything I’ve seen in years. It’s a heartbreaking, yet hopeful story that presents several types of characters rarely seen in other productions.

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I’m Also a HuffPoster!

Hi friends! If you don’t see any new posts on this site since the last time you visited, check out my pieces for HuffPost, which just a couple of months ago invited me to join as a contributor! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my reflections as a feminist dad blogger and an Asian dad blogger.

In Patsy’s Footsteps

A Gap I Mind

I have a hidden talent: I can name all 45 American presidents in chronological order.

Unimpressed? Well, then get this: I can name them, in chronological order, going forwards and backwards.

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