The Thing at a Girls’ Soccer Match that Made Me Furious

Once a student of Mr. Hung’s, always a student of Mr. Hung’s, I tell my students. No matter how many years into the future, and no matter the reason, I want my students to know that they can always reach out to me – whether that’s just to say hi, to ask for advice about college majors, to review mathy stuff we talked about once upon a time, or to request a letter of recommendation, et cetera. College and young adulthood can be exciting times, but also discouraging ones, too, so it’s part of my commitment to my former students that if they ever want to talk about anything, even if it’s years or decades into the future, I’ll be here for them.

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Critical race theory in schools? Puh-leeze.

I came across this recent tweet from Raymond Chang of the Asian American Christian Collaborative. He posted it on a visit to the Manzanar National Historical Site in the California desert.

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Asian American Sub Stories 1

No, that’s not Asian American Sob Stories, but Sub Stories – as in Substitute Teacher Stories. Of course, the two (Sob and Sub) aren’t mutually exclusive; every sub teacher, after all, has sob stories to tell.

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