My piece for Sojourners is live!

Hi friends! I’m grateful that the terrific Christian ministry Sojourners has given me a chance to submit a column for their website. In a way, it’s a sequel to a post I wrote on this blog a couple of months ago about evangelical rape culture. My post for Sojourners is a post-election look at what many evangelical women are feeling about the Church these days. It’s called “Evangelical Divison Problems,” and you can read it here:

My Post for CBE’s Arise Is Now Live!

I’ve long admired the work of Christians for Biblical Equality, an organization that advocates for an egalitarian view of women’s roles in both the church and home. Instead of teaching, as some evangelical Christians do, that only men can serve as pastors, priests, elders, and bishops with leadership over both women and men, CBE teaches that women can do it, too. Instead of teaching, again as some evangelicals do, that men are the heads of their households and have a greater say in family decisions than women do, CBE teaches a shared leadership of two equals. And CBE doesn’t pull these interpretations out of the air; it bases its teachings on a thorough study of the Christian Scriptures with the input of numerous world-class Bible scholars.

So it was a thrill for me as a feminist Christian man when CBE invited me earlier this summer to write for their blog! The blog is called Arise, and my post is now up and running. I’ve entitled it “I’m Okay with a Woman Sharing, but Not Preaching,” which is not a viewpoint I hold any longer. But I once did, and my post explains how the change took place. Enjoy!

BREAKING NEWS: I’m happy to say that I just accepted a spot on CBE’s regular blog team! Thank you, CBE!