F.A.D. Repost: 2017’s “To the Brave 22 Women Who Told Us What Trump Did to Them”

TW/CW: Sexual and verbal violence.

I first posted this piece back in January of 2017, the same month Donald John Trump was sworn into office as the 45th President of the United States. Since then, the number of his accusers has grown beyond the number noted in the title above.

One of the women who came forward to tell her story in more recent years is journalist and author E. Jean Carroll, who just won a legal victory against Trump in a New York civil court. A three-woman, six-man jury found unanimously that the former president is liable for sexually abusing Ms. Carroll back in the 1990s and for defaming her when she told her story publicly a few years ago. So confident was this jury in its decision that it awarded a $5 million judgment that Trump must pay her.

Ms. Carroll, once upon a time. (Twitter)

I am happy for Ms. Carroll and for the many other women who have suffered for years from the trauma that Trump inflicted upon them. They won’t get the justice they deserve, at least not in this lifetime. But I hope they experience a small measure of healing from this verdict, though Trump will likely appeal.

These are courageous women, some of whom I have gotten to know through my past work in the field of sexual violence prevention. They are neither political agents, fame seekers, nor gold diggers. They have endured death threats and rape threats, threats against their families, getting blacklisted for jobs, and having their reputations smeared with lies for telling their stories, and they knew they would. I repost my piece in their honor:

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Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger Is the Perfect Show for Resisters

Keeping Hope Alive

Resisting is EXHAUSTING. Calling out our president’s constant lies and hate-mongering, and trying desperately to protect those abused and traumatized by his policies, have been so wearying to our souls.

We’re also getting our steps in!

That’s why we need hopeful stories as much as ever right now. Stories – in film, TV, books, theater, dance, or some other form – have a profound ability to comfort, encourage, and inspire. They can lift our hearts and sustain our motivation during hard times, like this Trumpian dark age, which has sucked so much life out of so many of us.

I sometimes find hope in true stories. But I’m also renewed by fictional tales, especially those set in superhero, sci-fi, and fantasy worlds. Those genres don’t suit all tastes, I know. Yet even if you’re not a nerd, if you are a fellow Trump resister, I believe there’s no better story to sustain your activist spirit than Marvel’s new TV superhero series on Freeform, Cloak & Dagger.

It certainly has refreshed me. So seriously, binge it now before the next episode comes out this week! But if you remain unconvinced, read on!

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