Feminist Asian Dad and Daughter Read Ali Vitali’s Book “Electable”

A few months ago, my 16-year-old daughter and I posted our conversation about the movie She Said on this blog, and several readers encouraged us to do the same thing for other topics! That meant a lot to us, so here’s a transcripted version of our latest chat. It’s about the popular 2022 nonfiction book by NBC News correspondent Ali Vitali titled Electable: Why America Hasn’t Put a Woman in the White House … Yet. Our discussion has been edited for length and clarity, and as in our previous convo, I’m denoted by F. A. D. (Feminist Asian Dad) and my daughter by J. J. for 姐姐 (Pinyin: jiĕ jie), which means older sister in Chinese.

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When My “A-Gong” Led “Chinese Taipei” at the “World Baseball Classic”

That’s a ton of quotation marks, isn’t it? I’ll be sure to explain all of them in just a moment. But first … (drum roll) … the 2023 World Baseball Classic has begun! It’s kinda like the World Cup, but for baseball instead of soccer. Like soccer’s grand quadrennial event, the WBC is played every four years (although this year’s edition was a postponement from 2021 due to COVID). And it has the national teams of 20 nations from five continents competing for world bragging rights. It doesn’t have the prestige of the World Cup, but it has a huge following outside the United States, and even within the U.S., interest is growing fast. The first rounds of games will take place in stadia around the world over the next couple of weeks, all leading to the final games in Miami.

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Critical race theory in schools? Puh-leeze.

I came across this recent tweet from Raymond Chang of the Asian American Christian Collaborative. He posted it on a visit to the Manzanar National Historical Site in the California desert.

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