We Need Social Studies Teachers!

This autumn, if all goes well1, I’ll take charge of my own classroom of high schoolers for the first time in 25 years! That’s how long it’s been since I last served as a full-time teacher, though I’ve worked closely with young people ever since, in my stints as a minister and a women’s rights activist.

I’m going back to the classroom with a much greater sense of purpose than last time. 25 years ago, I was mostly just happy to get started in my first job after finishing college. But now, I’m diving back in, convinced that good social studies (or social science, if you prefer) teachers are needed as much as they’ve ever been, given the extraordinary challenges we Americans confront in the Age of Trump.

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Social Studies Teacher for Hire in SoCal!

I never thought I’d be back in the classroom as a teacher.

But since I haven’t landed another position doing what I love most (being an advocate for women’s rights and a violence prevention educator) and since freelance writing and speaking doesn’t pay the bills, I’m “Mr. Hung” again – 24 years after I left the teaching profession! Yes, my first job out of college was being a public high school teacher back in Texas.

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