F.A.D. Goes to Washington


Back from a weekend of speaking, connecting, and schlepping in D.C.!

Collage top left: Speaking on a panel about blogging as a means of advocacy for OCA-Asian Pacific American Advocates‘ national conference

Top right: With friends old and new! Panel organizer and moderator Aryani Ong, who has served on the staff and boards of numerous AAPI advocacy orgs; research scientist and author of Reappropriate (the longest-running Asian-American feminist blog), Jenn Fang; and campaigns and communications expert Tonia Bui, author of the Politics Within Politics blog

Middle left: Got to hang with my dear friend Rob Schenck, whose story in Abby Disney’s The Armor of Light made me weep harder than I have in any film, who’s now leading The Dietrich Bonhoeffer Institute, and whose memoir Costly Grace just came out last month through Harper Collins

Middle right: Finally meeting in person Annie E. Clark, former exec director of End Rape on Campus and one of the central figures in The Hunting Ground, and later visiting her church Foundry United Methodist Church (site of this selfie), where Hillary Clinton once was a member

Bottom left: Greater D.C.’s train map! Got to know the Red Line pretty well

Bottom right: Dupont Circle Station has crazy steep escalators! At one point, the down escalator was halted, meaning a 151-step journey into what looks like Hades

Also pictured, the closed Washington Monument and the U. S. Capitol, obvs! I chose not to take a picture of the White House until it is set free.

While at the Washington Monument, I did what my nine-year-old younger daughter asked me to do – which was to perform a silly dance at the Washington Monument.

What parents will do for their kids:

Thanks so much to everyone who made this trip a delight! You truly blessed me!