Feminist Asian Dad and Daughter Read Ali Vitali’s Book “Electable”

A few months ago, my 16-year-old daughter and I posted our conversation about the movie She Said on this blog, and several readers encouraged us to do the same thing for other topics! That meant a lot to us, so here’s a transcripted version of our latest chat. It’s about the popular 2022 nonfiction book by NBC News correspondent Ali Vitali titled Electable: Why America Hasn’t Put a Woman in the White House … Yet. Our discussion has been edited for length and clarity, and as in our previous convo, I’m denoted by F. A. D. (Feminist Asian Dad) and my daughter by J. J. for 姐姐 (Pinyin: jiĕ jie), which means older sister in Chinese.

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What My Asian Sisters Say

Some of the language in this post is gut-level honest and may not be appropriate for younger children.

It has been a terrible day in Asian America, as so many of us feel the enormous weight of the news out of the Atlanta area. You’ve likely already heard about it, too – the mass murder of eight precious human beings, six of them Asian women.

I’ve especially felt moved by the outpouring of grief and anger from Asian American women. Because while these killings impact every Asian American, it’s Asian American women who feel the horror most viscerally. It’s almost so obvious that we might miss it – these weren’t just acts of racialized hate, but they were particularly directed at Asian women.

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