Stop Sexual Assault in Schools Now Has Resources in Chinese!

My friends Esther Warkov and Joel Levin and their team at the nonprofit Stop Sexual Assault in Schools (SSAIS) have worked for many years to provide resources and advocacy on matters of sexual harassment, assault, and rape in K-12 schools. Now they’re pleased to provide several of their resources translated into Chinese!

Xinyi He (何心怡), a Rutgers University grad student and an Indiana University alumna, has been working as an intern for SSAIS, and she has done the marvelous work of rendering several of SSAIS’ publications into Simplified Chinese. She’s also written and created other Chinese-language and culturally-friendly resources for SSAIS, too! I’m delighted to share some of them here.

This is the top of the webpage introducing SSAIS’ Chinese-language resources.

This short video, which introduces the topic and broad range of issues involved in school-related harassment and assault, is spoken in English and now has Chinese subtitles:

An e-brochure, called 这是我们必须与学生讨论的话题 meaning “A Topic We Must Discuss with Students,” is completely done in Chinese and dives deeper. Here’s its title page:

Here are the top portions of two printable fact sheets, which can be printed in either color or black and white. Links to the fact sheets are located immediately below the respective images:

Link to this two-page fact sheet:

Link to this one:

There’s much more at the SSAIS website; you can also follow them on Twitter and their Instagram feed.