Two of My Favorite Feminist K-Dramas Come to Amazon Prime Video!

The two series that completely sucked me into the world of K-dramas! I never thought I’d be a fan of Asian dramas, ever, but with English subtitles, these broke through and grabbed my heart, especially with their feminist vibes and excellent storytelling. I’ve actually blogged about them in the past, too (links below):

SEARCH: WWW features three badass women, all high-ranking leaders in their tech companies, navigating challenges that are professional, political, and personal – including each other. I found the romance of the second couple more interesting than the lead pair, but there’s also a tech thriller aspect to the story that reminded me a bit of Michael Crichton. Among the male actors, this series features now-frequent heartthrobs Jang Ki-yong and Lee Jae-wook in perhaps their earliest major roles. My blog post on the series:

HOTEL DEL LUNA, my fave K-drama ever, mixes fantasy, romance, humor, pathos, empathy, and mild regular doses of horror as badass hotelier Jang Man-wol (played by international superstar singer and actress IU) reluctantly runs a luxury hotel for dead souls on their way to the afterlife. Now-frequent K-drama heartthrob Yeo Jin-goo plays a recent Harvard MBA grad who is cursed to work for her … but then romance, you know? Along the way, they face deadly threats from humans, demons, and ghosts, along with the fading opportunity for Miss Jang to herself enter peacefully into the afterlife. Now-frequent heartthrob Lee Do-hyun also appears in one of his earliest major roles. My post on this series:

I hope you enjoy them, too!